Who is Terrapin Works’ Research Equipment for?

The research equipment supported by Terrapin Works is intended to help faculty, student, and strategic partner researchers achieve their research goals. 

About Research Equipment

The research equipment ecosystem supported by Terrapin Works consists of some of the most advanced digital fabrication equipment available on the market. The ultimate goal of this equipment is to provide the research community with platforms that will enable them to take their research to the next level. From soft robotics development to thin films and metal additive manufacturing, Terrapin Works has a wide range of capabilities that will enable the next generation of discovery.

Who can use Research Equipment?

UMD students, staff and strategic partners are able to access research equipment via partnership with a faculty Principal Investigator. Once partnered, accessibility is dependent on the equipment and service model chosen. Not all research equipment can be used in a self-service model. 

We can help you with

Ordering a part or product

Submit an order via Papercut on the desired machine.  (Sign in with your DirectoryID and password).


Get trained on research equipment to be able to work on your research at your own pace.  Email us at terrapinworks@umd.edu to learn more.


Want or need something but not sure what’s possible? Email us at terrapinworks@umd.edu to get started.


Available Equipment

Technology Type: Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
SLM 125 Research Prototyping Lab, Materials Characterization Lab (MATCL) Metal Powder, Inconel (Ni625), Steel (17-4 PH)
Technology Type:
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
BOY 22 A PRO Injection molding machine BOY 22 A PRO Research Prototyping Lab Plastic, HIPS, PLA, ABS, PETG
Technology Type: Post Processing
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
Sapphire 3D Starter Kiln Research Prototyping Lab Other, Metal, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum
Technology Type: Micro Dispensing Tool
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
nScrypt nScrypt 3Dn-300HP University of Maryland Energy Research Center
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT+ Research Prototyping Lab Resin
Technology Type: Extrusion-Based Deposition Modeling
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Lab