About Electronics Help

Terrapin Works provides electronics support at two of our lab spaces: the the Instructional Electronics Shop (IES) and the Electrical Prototyping Lab (EP), a subdivision of the Advanced Fabrication Lab
The IES (AJC 1115) provides workbenches with various high-quality electronic equipment for all kinds of electrical projects.
The EP (AJC 2123) provides SMT soldering support: Stencil Rig, Reflow Oven and Pick and Place Machine. 

Coming Soon: The EP is introducing custom PCB manufacturing! 

Use of our electronics testing equipment in the Instructional Electronics Shop is FREE!

Who is Electronics Help for? 

We recommend electronics help to anyone looking to use high-quality electronics tools and workspace. We provide stations that have all the necessary equipment for electronics projects.

How to get access to electronic workbenches

  1. Visit the link below.
  2. Our lab availability is titled "Electronics Workbench Reservation".
  3. Visit the IES (AJC 1115) during our available hours. Walk-ins are welcome! 
  4. Optional: To secure a spot for a workbench, please book an appointment with our calendar. 
Workbench availability and reservation

How to get access to SMT soldering machines 

  1. Visit the link below.
  2. Machine availability is titled "LPKF".
  3. Please book an appointment with our calendar to use our SMT machines.
SMT machine availability and reservation


Available Equipment