About Training at Terrapin Works

Throughout all of our labs, we have a wide variety of printers and tools that members of the community can order parts from. However, we understand that it can also be very beneficial for students to gain hands-on experience with these kinds of equipment. Training is available to students at the University of Maryland who are looking to use our machines and lab spaces. For more information about the specific machines you are interested in being trained on, about the labs that we have, or anything else, please reach out to us by filling out this form.  We will do our best to accomodate your requests, as Terrapin Works aims to serve the students of our community.

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Benefits of Training with Terrapin Works

  • Gain practical experience with industrial grade equipment that will prepare you for your professional career
  • Use high level machines that students typically do not have easy access to
  • Save on processing costs for your own parts - if you are trained on a machine and print/manufacturing your own part, you will only have to pay for the materials

If you are extremely interested in learning more about additive/subtractive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, or engineering design and want even more experience with Terrapin Works' resources, we encourage you to apply for a position here by applying for one of our open positions; to learn more, please visit our employment page.



Available Equipment

Technology Type: Power Tools
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Facility Materials
Miller Dynasty 210 DX Welder Instructional Fabrication Lab Metal