Research Prototyping Lab

The Research Prototyping Lab is home to our most advanced additive manufacturing equipment. Researchers are encouraged to stop by when someone is in the lab (or schedule an appointment) to discuss project ideas or existing projects. The equipment in the Research Prototyping Lab is capable of realizing extremely high part detail & durability. Our primary machines are the Nanoscribe GT+ and the ProX DMP 200. 

The ProX DMP 200 is a high-performance, high-quality 3D printing alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, offering reduced waste, greater speeds for production, short set up times, very dense metal parts, and the ability to produce very complex assemblies as a single part. We use it to print in Inconel alloy.

For ProX information, either email, or look at these links: 

  • - data sheet for the material that we print in
  • - information about the ProX, including tolerances, build volume, print processes, etc.

The Nanoscribe system is a laser lithography system allowing 3D printing of true 3-dimensional microscale and nanoscale based on two photon polymerization in UV-curable photoresists. The system can utilize specifically designed IP-photoresists optimized for 3D microfabrication, but can also employ custom polymers developed by the user.

For Nanoscribe training/information, email, or look at these reference dozukis:

  • - dozukis with information on how to properly use the machine, as well as usage policies


Available Equipment

Technology Type: Post Processing
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Branson 1800 Water Sonicator Advanced 3D Printing
Sapphire 3D Starter Kiln Research Equipment Other, Metal, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum
Technology Type: Fused-Deposition-Modeling (FDM)
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Prusa MK3S Basic 3D printing PLA, PETG
Technology Type: 3D Scanning Systems
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Keyence VR-3200 Scanning, Training
Technology Type: Micro Dispensing Tool
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT+ Advanced 3D Printing, Research Equipment, Training Resin
Technology Type: Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
3D Systems ProX 200 3D Systems ProX 200 Advanced 3D Printing Inconel (Ni625)