Advanced Fabrication Lab

Location: A. James Clark Hall Room 2123

The Advanced Fabrication Lab is the flagship lab of Terrapin Works, and is key to supporting important research, student projects, and innovation. Comprised of over 2 million dollars worth of digital manufacturing equipment, the AFL was designed to foster the creative process from design ideation to fully functional end-use parts.

Aerospace Machine Shop

Location: Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel

The Aerospace Machine Shop is located in the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel.

Cypress Building Exterior

Cypress Student Competitions Building

Location: 8320 Berwyn House Rd

The Cypress Student Competitions Building houses a number of UMD's premier competition teams. Featuring a design studio, conference room, and a fully stocked machine shop, the Cypress building has whatever your team needs to succeed.

Technology Advancement Program Building

Design Shop

Location: Technology Advancement Program Building Room 1102

The Design Shop is home to the Terrapin Works Design Team.

Fabrication Farm

Location: Technology Advancement Building Rm 1103

The University of Maryland Fabrication Farm is a centralized, scalable 3D printing space that empowers everyone to invent, innovate, iterate, and replicate.

Instructional Electronics Shop

Location: 1115 A. James Clark Hall

The Instructional Electronics Shop is an open access electronics shop that is free for all students and researchers. During the summer, you can enter via room 1119, M-F 10- 4.


Instructional Fabrication Lab

Location: 1119 A. James Clark Hall

The IFL primarily focuses on providing hands-on education surrounding machining to all students and faculty at the university. It also provides machining and manufacturing advice to those working projects for the university and personal projects.

JM Patterson Building

Keystone Labs

Location: JM Patterson Building, Rooms 1120 & 1201

The Keystone Labs provide invaluable technology resources to students enrolled in the ENES100 course - Introduction to Engineering Design. This is a first year course mandated for all engineering students, which is why the Keystone Labs are home to 3D Printing technologies.

Keystone Woodshop

Location: JM Patterson Hall, Room 1212

The woodshop, conveniently located on the first floor of JM Patterson, is an open access training shop at Terrapin Works. It features state of the art equipment from Powermatic, Festool, and SawStop.

Leidos Innovation Lab

Location: A. James Clark Hall

At the heart of the first floor in A. James Clark Hall lies the Leidos Innovation Lab, supported by a donation from the Leidos Corporation. The lab provides 6,800 square feet of space for students to work together on cross-disciplinary research and designs, and features overhead utilities, digital displays and movable workbenches, creating an ideal environment for collaboration.

AJC 1224

Materials Characterization Lab (MATCL)

Location: A. James Clark Hall RMs 1123/1224

The A. J. Clark Hall Materials Characterization Lab (MATCL) is a space devoted to materials testing. We maintain 20+ characterization instruments and tools distributed in two labs, AJC1123 and AJC1224. The MATCL is a primary teaching facility for students in the A. James Clark School of Engineering where teaching faculty can utilize the resources available to design and perform lab sessions and experiments. In addition to providing support for required curriculum classes, the MATCL supports investigators in their characterization and sample preparation needs.

Rapid Prototyping Center

Location: E. A. Fernandez IDEA Factory Room 1107

The Rapid Prototyping Center is a makerspace available to everyone in the University of Maryland community. Fully equipped with 3D printers, a laser cutter, a water jet, a 3D scanner, and a variety of other tools, this space provides the capabilities needed to make any project a reality.

Research Prototyping Lab

Location: 0126 Glenn L Martin Hall

The Research Prototyping Lab is home to our most advanced additive manufacturing equipment. Researchers are encouraged to stop by when someone is in the lab (or schedule an appointment) to discuss project ideas or existing projects. The equipment in the Research Prototyping Lab is capable of realizing extremely high part detail & durability. Our primary three machines are the ProX, Nanoscribe, and Formlabs Fuse 1.

Terps Racing

Location: 1229 JM Patterson Building

Terps Racing is our award-winning racing program at the University of Maryland. Students collaborate to build a race car and compete in national competitions. Terps Racing is home to our subtractive CNC machines.

Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Lab

Location: 4102A A. James Clark Hall

The Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Laboratory uses the principles of both engineering and life sciences to develop biomaterials that improve the quality of life of ill or injured patients.


University of Maryland Energy Research Center

Location: Engineering Lab Building

The University of Maryland Energy Research Center provides a comprehensive balanced energy research program, based on the most efficient use of our natural resources while minimizing environmental impacts and our dependence on imported energy, with faculty expertise across a broad spectrum of energy technology and policy.