Testudo is beloved on campus. The statues placed throughout campus hold a special place in the hearts of current Terps and alumni alike. Give the attendees at your event or function a piece of Maryland history to have forever.

We are happy to work with you on a bulk order of statues.


We have a limited amount of Testudo statues in stock for purchase at our Advanced Fabrication Lab.   We stock Testudo statues in solid red, yellow, black, or a marble base with a gold turtle (second picture above).  The standard size is approximately 2" x 3" x 3".  Stop by the lab at any time to purchase one or more.

Bulk Orders

  • A bulk order is considered 20 or more statues. For orders less than 20 statues, please use our Basic 3D Printing request process.
  • Customizations to the statue are available for an additional service fee.  The cost will be determined by the complexity of your request.
    • Customizations are defined as changes to the statue such as addition of text to the statue base, logos on the bottom, modifications to the turtle, etc.
    • We will provide you with the design file upon completion that you may use to submit future orders of the same design.
    • Future orders that require design changes to the existing design will also be billed.
    • Future orders must provide us with the design file we provided you in your prior order (we do not keep your designs on file).
  • We are able to quote a variety of materials and sizes. Customers usually prefer standard PLA and a size of around 4" x 4" x 3" as it is the fastest and cheapest option, yet still provides a high quality memento.
  • We have a variety of color options available. Single color (base & turtle are the same color) statues are easiest, however we are able to accomodate dual color statues (base & turtle are different colors). Please note that dual color statues will take several weeks longer than single color statues and will typically result in a higher cost.


Please start the process a minimum of 4 weeks before you require the statues. We are able to accommodate tighter timelines if the need is urgent; these orders will be subject to a rush order fee.


Send us an email to start an order.