You've found us! That's a great first step towards working with us. Terrapin Works exists to help you bring your idea to life; now that you're here read on to learn about the various things we can help you with.

 First Time Users

You haven't used Terrapin Works' services before & would like to learn how to get started.

Are you curious about our technology?

We recommend learning the basics by checking out a Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing
Here’s our Introduction to Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology which is used in our Fabrication Farm.  

Have a question about a specific design or application?

Contact us or visit one of our facilities.  Many of our labs are staffed by technicians waiting to answer your questions.

Designing 3D models

It all starts with a digital design file.  If you want to 3D print a part, you have to have a model that represents the geometry and volume of the part.  Three-dimensional models are created using 3D modeling software usually referred to as CAD (Computer-Aided Design).  Here are examples of popular 3D modeling software packages:

One of the simplest entry points into CAD software is Tinkercad, a block-based building program that almost anyone can use without prior experience.

Downloading Files

You may not be ready to generate your own 3D models, but want to try printing an object.  Some of the popular sites that serve as repositories for 3D files are:

Look for files that end in .STL.  This file format is the standard used in 3D printing.

Submitting a request

Terrapin Works operates a service-based model (in most cases).   Determine which specific piece of equipment you would like to use.  Refer to our equipment page for details on each machine.  Our most popular option for basic printing is the Consumer Grade 3D Printers.  If you need advice, just ask.

Visit PaperCut Job Ticketing.  You can log in with your UMD Directory ID and password.

Follow these instructions to submit a print for Consumer Grade 3D Printing.

Submit the .stl file format if possible.  

After you submit a request, a technician will prepare your file for manufacturing using a slicing software that translates the model into machine instructions.

For External Users

Our services are available to companies and individuals outside of the campus community.  Before we can process your print requests, you will need to register a guest account in Papercut.  Follow the instructions to set up an eternal account: 

 Returning Users

You've used Terrapin Works' services before, most likely via the Fab Farm.

We offer a variety of industrial and research grade equipment capable of producing a higher level of quality, durability, and material choices.  We can assist you with selecting a material and manufacturing method.  Contact us to work with a design engineer.

Most of our Advanced Manufacturing equipment is available by request in PaperCut Job Ticketing.

Requests for Design Services, Scanning Services, and other self-service options must begin with a request via

We offer self-service access to some of our research equipment.  A KFS account and a Principal Investigator (PI) are required to setup this service.  Users will receive training and gain access to the TW scheduler.  Contact to inquire about initial training or make requests.