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Let's start with some definitions. We're an additive/subtractive manufacturing solution in our primary role. We currently have several secondary roles, varying from electronics prototyping to advanced CAD design. We're looking to expand in the future, so keep checking back.

If at any time you have a question about getting started, please message us. We're happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Getting Started Quicknav:


Our primary location is in the TAP Building


The TAP Building (Technology Advancement Programs Building) is located directly behind the campus farm next to parking lot CC. Find a map of this location here: UMD Campus Web Map



Methods of payment


We Accept

  • Check (made payable to University of Maryland with memo notation Engineering IT)
  • Terrapin Express (internal campus currency, can be loaded with a credit card via the Terrapin Express website)
  • KFS Account # (internal campus account for research/department spending)


We Cannot Accept

  • Credit/Debit Cards (we are working with the Bursar's Office on implementation of credit card processing but are unable to provide an ETA)
  • Cash



Now that we've covered the basics, let's get to the process for requesting services


Depending on what you're looking to print/request, there are different locations within the Terrapin Works system that you will find useful. A good rule of thumb is that you start with the basics and work your way up the ladder (i.e. start with a consumer 3D printer before using a commercial grade one).

Requesting a basic print job is extremely easy. Skip to Getting Started for Basic Users & Requests to learn about requesting a basic print job.

Requesting an advanced print job, or requesting that your job be printed on one of our higher-end machines is a little bit more involved. Skip to Getting Started for Advanced Users and Requests to learn about the process for requesting access to our higher-end equipment.

External users for either a basic or advanced print job can use the same methods, after paperwork is filed. Skip to Getting Started for External Users and Requests to learn about the process to achieve university affiliate status.



Getting Started for Basic Users & Requests


The MakerBot Innovation Center is a farm of consumer-grade printers capable of quickly realizing both complex and basic parts with moderate detail.

  • Prints cost $.10 per gram
  • Innovation Center print requests are handled through the Innovation Center Management Platform (ICMP).
  • You're able to authenticate on the ICMP with your Directory ID and password.
  • We accept Terrapin Express as a form of payment for prints on the ICMP, KFS may be used in some circumstances.
  • Innovation Center printers are only capable of consumer-grade PLA at this time.
  • Please click the "Info" tab in the ICMP before you submit a print request to read notices.



(you can bookmark/remember to get there quickly)



Getting Started for Advanced Users & Requests


If you're an advanced user (i.e. you're looking to use higher-end equipment or get a higher level of detail/durability/etc. than the MakerBot's are capable of producing) you'll want to reach out to us. Since our higher-end equipment is more costly to run and you're looking to achieve the best results possible, we'd like to assign a lab manager to help with your specific request.

We have two access models for our higher end machines.


Service Model

  • We set up and run your job for you.
  • Pricing varies. We are able to provide a quote upon request.
  • Your initial request should go through email:
  • We accept either Terrapin Express or a KFS account as payment.
  • There is no need to register on our TW Scheduler system for a service model request.


Self-service Model

  • You train to operate the machine and then schedule time to run your own jobs.
  • Pricing varies. We are able to provide a quote upon request.
  • Your inital training inquiry or request should go through email:
  • The self-service model requires a research-based use case. You will need to create a TW Scheduler account to track usage for billing purposes.
    • KFS number and a Principal Investigator (PI) are required when creating a TW Scheduler account.
    • Register a TW Scheduler account here:
  • After your account has been set up, you may request job time through the TW Scheduler.
    • You're able to log in to the TW Scheduler using your Directory ID and password.

*This model is not available for all of our higher-end machines. Please send us an email to inquire about which machines are eligible for the self-service model.



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Getting Started for External Users & Requests

An external user is defined as someone not affiliated with the university


  • We are currently unable to accomodate basic print requests for external users.
    • Please bear with us as we set up our external payment solution.
  • Industry, higher-education, and other advanced users - we'd love to hear from you.