Instructional Fabrication Lab

"Making for Everyone"

The Instructional Fabrication Lab (IFL) is a Terrapin Works supported lab run by the Technical Operations unit under Engineering Information Technology. The IFL primarily focuses on providing hands-on education surrounding machining to all students and faculty at the university. It also provides machining and manufacturing advice to those working projects for the university and personal projects. The IFL offers an open access work space as well as access to various machine tools for those that have gone through the lab-provided safety training. The lab is mainly responsible for the processing of subtractive manufacturing jobs, and runs all orders under the categories of manual machining, cnc milling, and waterjet.


Available Equipment

Technology Type:
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Grizzly G3155 Surface Grinder Metalworking Metal
Technology Type: Post Processing
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Sand Blaster Cabinet Metalworking, Woodworking Wood, Metal
60 ton Ironworker Metalworking Metal
Powder Coater Metalworking
Technology Type: Manual Machining
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Jet Lathe Metalworking Metal
Jet Drill Press Metalworking, Woodworking Wood, Metal
Tube Bender Metalworking
JET Belt and Disk Sander Metalworking, Training Metal
JET Drill Mill Metalworking, Training Metal
JET 7" Mitering Horizontal Bandsaw Metalworking, Training Metal
JET 14" Vertical Bandsaw Metalworking, Training Wood, Metal
Technology Type: Power Tools
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
Miller Dynasty 210 DX Welder Metalworking, Training Metal
Hand Tools Design Help, Metalworking, Woodworking, Training
Formech 450DT Vaccum Former
Technology Type: Computer Numerical Control
Equipment Photo Equipment Name Service(s) Materials
OMAX ProtoMAX Metalworking
Datron Neo Metalworking Wood, Metal, Plastic