Terrapin Works is pleased to offer competitive rates that are affordable for the entire campus community

Pricing varies across our equipment and quite often requires a custom quote. Below you will find payment methods and our service offerings along with the appropriate avenue to obtain pricing.

We are happy to work with faculty who are interested in integrating 3D printing into their course. Please send us an email for more information.

Pricing Quicknav:


Payment Methods

Terrapin Works accepts all major methods of payment with the exception of cash.

We Accept

  • Check (made payable to University of Maryland with memo notation Engineering IT)
  • Terrapin Express (internal campus currency, can be loaded with a credit card via the Terrapin Express website)
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • KFS (internal campus account for research/department spending) | Download this information as a PDF
    • We require the following information in order to charge KFS:
    • Customer Name, Customer Email, Customer UID.
    • PI Name, PI Phone Number (a contact in your business office may be substituted if a PI is not available).
    • Service Provided (Print Job, CAD services, etc. - we will provide this information).
    • College & Department or Organization.
    • KFS account number.
    • KFS account numbers are accepted in the XXXXXXX or XX-XXXXXXX formats only.
    • Please be sure the number is for a KFS account and not an FRS account, FRS was retired in 2014.

Invoices for all transactions are available upon request.


We Cannot Accept

  • Cash


Service Equipment (includes 3D printing) - $0.10/gram* or Quote

All job requests are currently offered via our service model, with the exception of equipment in our supervised self-service and research-self service models.

Basic Job Requests (MakerBot 3D Prints) - $0.10/gram*

  • $0.10 / gram*
  • These requests are fulfilled on our MakerBot Innovation Center platform.

*Tough PLA & Glow in the Dark PLA are $0.20 / gram.

Advanced Job Requests - Quote

  • Submit via Job Ticketing (
  • These requests frequently require a technician to process the file for print and generate material / time estimates in order to produce a quote.
  • These requests are fulfilled on our industrial equipment (e.g. Fortus 400mc, Objet500 Connex3, etc.).
  • Some consumer-grade equipment also falls into this category (e.g. Form 1 / 2, Markforged)


Professional Design Service - $25.00/hr- $100.00/hr

We are proud to offer professional design services in which our student employees are directly involved. We ask that you be lenient on time constrants given that students will be working on your project. If you have a project that needs to be completed urgently, please indicate that in the form that is linked below (via the due date & in the comments).


Professional Scanning Service (3D) - $25.00/hr- $100.00/hr

We are proud to offer professional scanning services (3D) in which our student employees are directly involved. You'll work closely with them to produce a dimensionally accurate and detailed scan of your object.


Research Self-service Equipment - Quote

In support of the academic and research mission of this university, Terrapin Works is proud to provide access to the following research equipment:


Supervised Self-service Equipment - $25.00/hr- $100.00/hr

We are happy to provide the following additional equipment in the self-service model that does not require a research-based use case.

  • Glowforge Pro
    • (all prices reflect continuous usage, self-service model will require training)
    • Self-service Model: One free hour per week.
    • Second hour is $5, every hour thereafter is increased by a factor of two (e.g. 2 hours = $5.00, 3 hours = $25.00, 4 hours = $625.00).*

*Our intention is to prevent the equipment from being used by a single person for an extended period of time due to anticipated high demand.