On This Page:

The purpose of this page is to give a rough estimate of what price range you should expect for each of our services. You will find examples of requests and their costs. The pricing of a request is more often than not complex and reliant on a number of variables that can not be known until we have one of our staff evaluate it. For services that have simple pricing, all the details will be on this page, for the rest you will need to use an alternative method to estimate the cost of a request. 

If you wish to get a more precise cost estimate and you know some details about your request (e.g. mass for 3D printing) you can use our job management software PaperCut (more info below) to get an estimate of the cost of that request.


  1. How to pay for Prints and Services
  2. Use PaperCut for Cost Estimates
  3. 3D Printing
    1. Scale Testudo Statue for Cost Estimates
    2. Basic 3D Print Requests
    3. Advanced 3D Print Requests
  4. Subtractive Manufacturing
    1. Metalworking
    2. Woodworking
  5. Design Services
  6. Scanning Services
  7. Electrical Services
  8. Other Services

How to Pay for Prints and Services:

For payments on all services, customers must have a PaperCut account. UMD student, faculty and staff are automatically granted an account and can sign in using their UMD SSO credentials. Guests unaffiliated with UMD (includes alumni who are not in the university directory) should set up an external account in PaperCut at http://ter.ps/guestpc. Please note, there is an approval process that could take 24-36 hours.  Check your email to confirm the account creation and continue to the next step.

  1. Pay in person with a credit / debit card or Terrapin Express at the AFL.
  2. Deposit a payment directly to your PaperCut account:
    1. Personal accounts using a credit or debit card. Customers can deposit funds using a credit / debit card in PaperCut:  http://ter.ps/addfunds. Deposits can only be made in set increments through this method, i.e. $5, $10, $20, etc.
    2. Shared accounts for research / departmental spending - Kuali Financial System (KFS)
      1. To set up a new KFS account or to add users to an existing account, visit ter.ps/payviakfs
      2.  You must set up your KFS account with us prior to requesting services. We have an approval process that requests pre-authorization from the responsible party prior to setting up the billing relationship. We are not able to bill to KFS accounts you specify until you have access to them in PaperCut.
    3. Accounts at other agencies in the State of Maryland or institutions in the University of Maryland System - R*STARS
      1. We accept interagency payments via the R*STARS system. Submit your order as you normally would through PaperCut. When your order is ready for pickup, ask our staff to send you an invoice using R*STARS as the payment method.
      2. Our staff will need the following information to process your payment via R*STARS.
        1. Your name and email address (agency or institution email only please).
        2. Contact information for your business office (name, email, department within your agency or institution).
      3. When we confirm payment via R*STARS was successful, you can pick up your parts. Please bear in mind that payment via R*STARS typically takes several days to complete.
  3. Pay by Check (made payable to University of Maryland with memo notation Engineering IT)

We do not accept cash.

We are unable to process credit card payments over the phone.

Item purchases are subject to Maryland’s 6% sales tax. Payments made through KFS accounts are not subject to sales tax. Sales tax can be waived for other forms of payment if customer provides a sales tax exemption certificate.

Use PaperCut for Cost Estimates:

Cost estimates can be generated in PaperCut for 3D Printers and the Epliog Fusion M2 laser cutter only. These estimates are not binding quotes and are not guaranteed to be accurate. 

Instructions for how to generate a cost estimate of a 3D print on Papercut:

You will need an approximation of the mass of your print to generate an estimate.

  1. Go to our order platform PaperCut (same link as button below.)
  2. Sign in with DirectoryID and password (the beginning of your terpmail email, but without @terpmail.umd.edu.)
  3. Look for the printer that you wish to use (Ctrl + F helps.)
  4. Hover over the image of the desired printer so that the "Start Order" button appears
  5. Click "Start Order."
  6. Fill out material and mass in the form that pops up.
  7. Look in the upper right hand corner for an approximate cost breakdown.

Instructions for how to generate a cost estimate of a laser cut / engrave on the Epilog Fusion M2 in Papercut:

You will need an estimate of the job runtime to generate a cost estimate.

  1. Go to our order platform PaperCut (same link as button below.)
  2. Sign in with DirectoryID and password (the beginning of your terpmail email, but without @terpmail.umd.edu.)
  3. Find [Laser Cutter] - Epilog Fusion M2.
  4. Hover over the image so that the "Start Order" button appears.
  5. Click "Start Order."
  6. Fill runtime estimate in the "Time to Run Job (Hours)" field.
  7. Look in the upper right hand corner for an approximate cost breakdown.



3D Printing:

Scale Testudo Statue for Cost Estimates

Calculating the cost of a print can be difficult as there are many factors that go into its creation (e.g. material, time spent preparing the file, mass of the print). For reference, we have calculated the cost of a testudo statue (pictured right) of a size of 54mm x 71mm x 69mm (2.1 in x 2.8 in x 2.7 in) as printed on each machine at default settings. Values can be found in the tables below. 

This is meant to serve as a "ball-park" estimate for your orders.

Note: For machines with an asterisk* after the name, a smaller-sized print was used.

Note: Colors used below are only examples.  Visit go.umd.edu/submit or contact us to see what color options are available.

Scale Testudo

Basic 3D Print Requests

Fast and Affordable Prototyping

(For full list of color options for each printer visit go.umd.edu/submit)

Fabrication Method Material Price per gram Price of one Standard Testudo Image
Consumer Grade 3D Printer PLA 10¢/g $5.00
Consumer Grade 3D Printer Cheetah 30¢/g $15.00
10¢/g: PLA
20¢/g: ABS, PETG, Polysmooth
30¢/g: Flexible Filament (NinjaFlex, SemiFlex, Cheetah)

Advanced 3D Print Requests

Variety in materials and technologies

(For full list of color options for each printer visit go.umd.edu/submit)

Printer Material Price of one Standard Testudo Image
Formlabs Form 3 Clear V4 Resin $104.00
Nexa XiP xModel-15 $33.50 Coming soon
Formlabs Fuse 1 Nylon Powder $13.50
HP Jet Fusion 580 HR CB PA 12 $38.49
Markforged Mark Two Onyx $76.50
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT+ * IP-S $152.00
Stratasys Fortus 400mc PPSF $107.88
Stratasys Objet 500 Connex3 Vero + Agilus 30 + MED610 $140.13
3D Systems ProX DMP 200 * Inconel $613.40


Subtractive Manufacturing


Commissioned Service:

Standard ordering of work to be done on metal parts. Performed by TW staff.

When service is provided by a TW technician
Machine Cost
Protomax WaterJet $25.00/hr + $1.00/lb of garnet
ShopBot Router $45.00/hr
All other hand operated and CNC machines $45.00/hr

Self Service:

Most metalworking  machines are allowed to be used by students themselves with adequate training (only appies to hand-operated machines, not CNC). Reserving equipment is required.

When machine is reserved and used by trained student themselves
Machine Cost
All manual/hand operated machines FREE





Staff service:

Our well-trained staff can help you build your project or host your workshop. Check out our page to see what equipment we have, and send us an email if you have any questions.

Staff Service Cost
Manual Machining $37.50/hr

Contact us!

Charging usually for materials and labor, depending on the workshop.
CNC Machining $45.00/hr


Self service:

The woodshop is also open to all UMD affiliates to use! There is no associated cost for any of our equipment, including the CNC Router. Check out our page to see what equipment we have and to make reservations!

Design Services

Contact us for a quote! Email: terrapinworks@umd.edu with information about your project.


Scanning Services

Scanning projects are charged based off labor on an hourly rate of $25/hour for UMD affiliates and $50/hour for non UMD affiliates.

Minimum charge of $25, contact us for a quote.


Electrical Services

Use of our electronics equipment in the Instructional Electronics Shop is FREE!


Other Services

If there is another service we offer that is not explained on this page, please email us at terrapinworks@umd.edu for a quote.