About Basic 3D Prints

Terrapin Works Basic 3D Prints are our intro level, large volume, fast turnaround 3D printing services: performed in the MakerBot Innovation Center on our large array of Prusa i3 MK3S+ Printers. All of the printers in the Basic 3D Printing category are FDM printers. The layer resolution of the printers in this category is approximately 1.75 mm. All printers here print PLA, some print flexible PLA. Material selection is offered in a wide range of colors!

Who are Basic 3D prints for?

We recommend Basic 3D Prints to anyone working on hobby projects, part prototypes, course deliverables, or new to the 3D printing scene. 

How to order a Basic 3D Print

  1. Have a 3D file of type .stl ready. Printables is a good source of files and inspiration.
  2. Go to our order platform Papercut (same link as button below)
  3. Sign in with CAS
  4. Look for [FDM] - Consumer Grade 3D Printers
  5. Hover the image of the printer so that the "Start Order" button appears
  6. Click "Start Order"
  7. Fill out the form that pops up
  8. Click "Submit" in the lower right hand corner

Go to Papercut and Start Order

Pick ups

You can pick up your prints in the Advanced Fabricaion Lab (AFL) located at AJC 2123.


Available Equipment