Cypress Student Competitions Building

Terps Racing Formula EV

Terps Racing Electric Vehicle is a student-run team that provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in designing and building an electric formula-style race car. Our diverse team, composed of students from various engineering and other disciplines, engages in tasks ranging from designing and welding our chassis to assembling our customized battery pack.


We meet Mondays and Wednesday from 6-8 in the Cypress Building.

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Leatherbacks Combat Robotics

The vision for Leatherbacks is two-fold. The Leatherbacks team aims to represent the Clark School of Engineering and the University of Maryland in national, international and televised competitions, and challenge its members to think of inspiring solutions to complex design problems, while competing directly against other institutions and veterans of the sport. Everything that the team does is directly intended to address at least one of these goals, from competing in NHRL Competitions to hosting workshops on design principles.

We welcome new members with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, regardless of previous technical experience. If you are interested in joining a close-knit community and learning real-world STEM related skills, you can email us at and join our Discord

Terrapin Rockets

The Terrapin Rocket Team (TerpRockets) is a university-recognized and student-led engineering competition club dedicated to spreading the hobby of high-power model rocketry to everyone and pushing our limits to develop increasingly complex projects.

Recent Accomplishments:
Competed at the 2023 Spaceport America Cup where we:

  • Placed 2nd in our category (10k SRAD)
  • Placed 5th overall (out of 119 teams)
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Steel Bridge

UMD ASCE strives to provide students with experiences that foster a sense of community within the civil and environmental engineering department, promote lifelong learning in areas of interest and importance for civil engineers, and aid in professional development through networking and educational events. The team competes annually to build a bridge to a supplied set of specifications for the annual Steel Bridge competition.


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Our mission is to foster interest in the exploration and development of space through space-based engineering projects. These inclde bi-propellant liquid rocket engines, CubeSats, and high-altitude balloon payloads. Our diverse selection of projects caters to all interests of engineering from all backgrounds and allows our organization to promote space exploration on all fronts.

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Concrete Canoe

Yes, you read that right. Students design, build and race a canoe made entirely of concrete!

The 2016 canoe, Whiskey River, was triumphant in the Mid Atlantic Region and competed at the National Concrete Canoe Competition in Texas. The 2015 canoe, Seabiscuit, won first place at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition and competed at the 2015 ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition in South Carolina.


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Our mission is to produce a rotorcraft that flies by solar power alone and carries a person.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Completed a successful flight test this past summer!
  • Created an interactive controller for the craft.
  • Designed and tested a small model of the rotorcraft.