About Us

Terrapin Works is a collection of rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing, and digital design resources provided as a service to the campus and surrounding community. These resources range from 100+ consumer, research and industrial grade 3D printers, to high end subtractive production systems capable of creating complex parts in a variety of materials. Terrapin Works offers production and design services as well as access to equipment in our 17 locations and 28,000 square feet of lab space across campus.

Terrapin Works is a subunit of Engineering Information Technology in the A. James Clark School of Engineering. Founded in 2014, the mission of Terrapin Works is to put additive manufacturing into the hands of undergraduate and graduate students alike while also supporting faculty and the greater UMD Community in innovative areas of research and product development. Terrapin Works seeks to convey a strong sense of learning through a uniquely hands-on approach to engineering. We are proud to say that 90% of our operations are run by undergraduate students (an undergrad even wrote this text).

Safety is a primary concern at Terrapin Works, and we work daily to ensure that every lab and every proceedure within our ecosystem exceeds industry and university requirements for safe use of equipment. For questions on this or any of our other policies, please feel free to reach out at terrapinworks@umd.edu.

Our Role in the Makerspace Initiative

The Makerspace Initiative, funded by Professor Bill Pugh, is created to provide specialized equipment that is not available elsewhere on campus to students of all majors. Campus makerspaces are designated areas for students to invent and create that are supported and equipped by different units on campus. Terrapin Works manages the funds to support coordination between makerspaces. Our role is to help new spaces develop, to aim to streamline procedures, and to improve communication between spaces. Our vision is to understand and highlight campus-wide makerspace development.

Undergraduate Job Opportunities

See our jobs page for currently available opportunities.


We would love to host your group for a tour of our system, feel free to drop in on the MIC if you're on campus. If you have a large group or are coming from off campus, please complete this form.