nScrypt 3Dn-300HP

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The nScrypt system enables high resolution multilayer deposition of nanoparticle inks and slurries supporting the fabrication of advanced 3D structures, including ceramics. The tools can handle materials ranging from low viscosity inks to high viscosity pastes (from 1 to over 1,000,000 cP). The later unique capability is critical for fabrication of near net-shape ceramic structures. With picoliter volume control, the direct-write machine can deposit materials with feature sizes below 10 µm while large area (45x45 cm) patterns can be rastered at speeds up to 50 cm/s, with x, y, and z motion resolution on the order of 0.1 µm. Layer-by- layer 2D and 3D deposition can be performed on flat surfaces as well as conformally over rough or 3D surfaces for the realization of integrated fuel cells, solid-state batteries, solar cells, micro-power systems, energetic material systems, electronic components, bioactive systems that integrate biomacromolecules and live cells, scaffolds for tissue engineering, and beyond. In addition, when combined with the ProX 200 and Connex 500 tools, the nScript system will enable heterogeneous fabrication using multiple passive or active functional materials.

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