Makerbot Replicator 2X

Makerbot Replicator 2X
Experiment with dual extrusion
  • Be ready for cutting-edge developments in filament technology and multi-material 3D printing
  • Add a new level of creativity to your 3D designs with interlaced colors
  • Print in two colors through precisely aligned dual nozzles, without swapping filament or pausing your print
  • Experiment with overhangs and internal structures using MakerBot Dissolvable Filament as solid infill material
  • Completely reengineered, constant-force filament feeding system
  • New thermal core design stabilizes the internal extruder temperature for more reliable prints
Optimized for printing with MakerBot ABS filament
  • MakerBot ABS filament is a ductile petroleum-based thermoplastic filament with elastic deformation properties that make it good for snaps, living hinges, and threadability
  • Superflat heated aluminum build plate is optimized for ABS:
    • Machined for crucial flatness to prevent warping or sagging that can affect build quality
    • Anodized for longevity and durability
    • Heated accurately and evenly with better temperature control
  • Six-sided enclosure stabilizes ABS cooling:
    • Draft-blocking enclosure helps reduce uneven cooling, shrinking, and cracking
    • Magnetic lid snaps on and off for easy access
    • Clear-view top and sides let you monitor your progress and see the action
    • Friction-hinge door stays where you put it for easy and fast print retrieval
World-class 100-micron layer resolution
  • Create professional-quality, high-resolution prototypes and complex models
  • Get smooth-to-the-touch surfaces that don’t need sanding, finishing, or post-production
  • Create realistic prototypes and models for demonstrations and presentations
  • Choose settings that range from fast draft to finer resolution
Build Volume: 
24.6 L x 16.3 W x 15.5H cm [9.7 x 6.4 x 6.1 in]
  • Helps produce higher-quality prints, fewer filament problems, and less downtime
  • Great for designs that have interlocking or pin-connected pieces or are mechanical
  • Specifically designed for use as a solid infill material with ABS Filament
  • Empowers you to create 3D prints with complexity, overhangs, and movable parts never before possible
  • Easily dissolves in limonene (nontoxic detergent made from orange rinds) in just 8–24 hours
Typical Materials Cost: 
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