Formlabs Form 1+

Formlabs Form 1+
Technology Type: 
Service Model: 

This stereolithographic machine is recommended for parts with integrate details/overhangs

  • Capable of small prints in high detail.
  • Excellent for research-based new materials testing.
  • Limited availability for researchers.

For research self-service, please note to bring your own build plates and Formlabs resin tanks to utilize the machine

Build Volume: 
125×125×165 mm

With the release of the Form 2 printer and a new resin cartridge system, we have discontinued purchasing of old material for this printer. We are able to make the Form 1+ available for new materials testing to researchers on a limited basis. Please inquire via if you are interested in using this equipment to test a custom material.

Usage Pricing: 

Software Used: 
PreForm Software
Testing: Materials Research
Sample Parts: