Formlabs Form1+

Formlabs Form1+
Technology Type: 

This stereolithographic machine is recommended for parts with integrate details/overhangs

  • Can deliver large prints with spectacular detail
  • Soluble support available
  • Clear resin available
  • Moderately expensive material
  • Limited availability
Build Volume: 
125×125×165 mm
High Performance Resins available in clear, white, grey and black
Material Specific Information:
Handling & Safety
  • Formlabs resins have been designed to be as safe as possible, but nevertheless, working with them requires care, similar to working with common adhesives or household cleaners. They have no strong odors or volatile solvents so special ventilation is not required, though skin contact should be avoided.
Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Properties Data Sheets
Manufacturer Material Pages
Software Used: 
PreForm Software
Testing: Materials Research
Sample Parts: