Epilog Laser Fusion M2

Technology Type: 
Service Model: 

Laser engrave high-quality images with an industry-leading optics system

  • Large work area
  • Top-of-the-line motion control system allows for percision
  • Limited availability
Build Volume: 
32" x 20" (812 x 508 mm)
  Engrave Cut
Wood x x
Acrylic x x
Fabric x x
Glass x  
Coated Metals x  
Ceramic x  
Delrin x x
Cloth x x
Leather x x
Marble x  
Matte Board x x
Melamine x x
Paper x x
Mylar x x
Pressboard x x
Rubber x x
Wood Veneer x x
Fiberglass x x
Painted Metals x  
Tile x  
Plastic x x
Cork x x
Corian x x
Anodized Aluminum    
Stainless Steel    
Bare Metals    


Software Used: 

Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks*, Autodesk Inventor*
*When exporting from Solidworks or Inventor, export the face you wish to cut as a .DXF file. This will allow for import into Adobe Illustrator which is then used to send the file to the machine.

In Service
Sample Parts: