3D Scanning Workshops

About our 3D scanning workshops

Terrapin Works offers 3D scanning workshops in which users can visit our Advanced Fabrication Lab to learn how our 3D scanners operate & the various applications for which they can be used. Check out our Workshop Calendar for the schedule.

3D Scanning Applications

  • Reverse engineering - Re-creating parts from physical model or existing part when digital or drafted drawings of the part are not be available.
  • Part inspection - Examining a part to determine if there are any places for improvement or redesign.
  • Virtual measurement - Measuring an object or part without the need for physical contact with the object.\
  • Part to part comparison - Identifying part differences as they compare to others of the same construction.
  • Part to model comparison - Observing as manufactured to compare to the original model.
  • Quality assessment - Analyzing consistency of a parts during manufacturing processes.


Equipment available during workshops

Artec Space Spider - High Resolution 3D scanner suitable for general scanning needs


Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm - High Resolution and efficient 3D Scanner


Keyence VR-3200 - High Speed, High Accuracy 3D Measuring Macroscope