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Terrapin Works Staff

Jim Zahniser, Executive Director, Engineering Information Technology
2125 J.M. Patterson Bldg | (301) 405-4907 |
Strategic planning & direction.

Nathanael Carriere, Operations Manager
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
RPC, MIC day to day operations & strategic planning.

Ethan Reggia, Design Manager
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
Design services extraordinare & strategic planning.

Andy Gregory, Lab Safety & Compliance
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
Ensure compliance with safety protocols, develop SOPs for safety.

Carson Myers, Software Development
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
Python, C++ Development

Nitay Ravin, Software Development & Electronics Prototyping
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
Electronics Systems Design & Development, Python, C++ Development

Nicholas Bentley, Information Technology & Operations
1102 Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | (301) 314-1138 |
Computing & infrastructure management



Terrapin Works Student Staff

Our student staff runs most of the day-to-day operations at Terrapin Works. We pride ourselves on having a mostly student-run operation.

Rapid Prototyping Center | Research Prototyping Lab | Keystone Labs | Terps Racing | MakerBot Innovation Center


Rapid Prototyping Center

Alex Smith, Senior Lab Manager & Design Engineer

Alex Godwin, Software Development

Eli Fastow, 3D Scanning

Abigail Duncan, CAD & Prototyping

Aliaksandr Mamonau, CAD, Prototyping, Electronics Prototyping

Darayus Kermani, CAD, Objet30 Specialist


Research Prototyping Lab

Nathan Young, RPL Coordinator, ProX 200 Specialist

Saul Schaffer, CAD, Prototyping, Objet500 Connex3 Specialist

Katherine Jones, Nanoscribe Specialist

Brandon Young, RPL Technician

Kevin Moreno, CAD, Markforged, ProX 200 Specialist

John Fraser, RPL Technician


Keystone Labs

Christian Sanjurjo, Keystone Instructor

Stephen Aaron, Keystone Instructor


Terps Racing

Ben Strobel, CNC Technician

Issac Jackel, CNC Technician


MakerBot Innovation Center

Shon Kaganovich, MIC Technician

Kejin Wang, MIC Technician

Jack Sturtevant, Software Development, MIC Technician

Noah Vernick, MIC Technician

Folu Koiki, MIC Technician

Marc Harron, MIC Technician

Anna Packy, MIC Technician

Manasi Pukazhenthi, MIC Technician

Evan Chang, MIC Technician

Ladeja Robinson, MIC Technician




We're proud of the accomplishments our students have gone on to achieve. Find below a list of Terrapin Works alumni.

Ibrahim Hashme
University of Maryland

Brett Potter
Harbor Design & Manufacturing

Caroline McCue
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fadel Muci

Brittany Barbara

Jonas Okafor
University of Maryland

Rick Blanton

Tony Ingelido
Entrepreneurship @ University of Maryland